The truth about the 2005 Michael Jackson Trial ...
in a series of new mini books.

About Michael Jackson: Innocent

Excerpts from the first book

Michael Jackson: Innocent - 28 February 2005


"I have pondered long and hard as to how I would start this introduction, whether I should write a potted history about Michael Jackson, his career, his successes, his influence on the world, his humanitarianism, charitable works etc. But I felt that such an approach would not properly convey why I decided to write this book and consider writing a set of mini books on the 2005 trial.

So let me try to explain.

I remember very clearly at the beginning of the trial, scooping up a number of red-top and black-top newspapers. I wanted to find out what this case was all about. On reading the newspapers and listening to the UK news I realised that I hadn't actually heard very much about the defence case. This trial was not televised and so we were reliant on the media to provide a balanced and accurate representation of what was occurring in court. I naively thought that this would be the position... "

Find out what actually happened in the Court. Read Michael Jackson: Innocent. Available on Amazon kindle and paperback.


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Michael Jackson: Innocent - 28 February 2005 now available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.